Michael Kors Partners With ‘007’ Film Franchise for MKC x 007 Bond Capsule Collection

Michael Kors has everything together for the new partnership with the 007 Film.  Of course, no bag has more clout then the famed Michael Kors brands.   Kors is set to debut a collection of bags within the 007 film and sell these items alongside as merch with the films debut.  Buying?  Yes, we are lined up online waiting for the sale to drop.  We will information our In-List members as to when they with hit.  The Franchise title for these items at MKC x 007 Bond. The film entitled, “No Time to Die”,  is set to release on March 31 in London, April 2nd in the United Kingdom and April 10 in the United States.  Game on?!

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images  | MKC x 007

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